Kimber Academy National

Faculty Website Guide

Welcome to the Faculty Website Guide. This guide will help walk you through how to manage school pages and content. If you have questions beyond what this guide covers please contact David at Or call 801-310-9857.

Adding A New School

Please contact your regional consultant as it is their responsability to get your school added to the website.

Getting your school listed on Google

Visit Google+ for Business to Create, Claim and verify your school by searching for your business phone # or name. If your school doesn’t come up (which it probably wont if it’s new), then you can simply click “I’ve correctly entered the business and address, Let me enter the rest of my business details”. Follow their instructions to add information and follow up with the business verification.

Managing School Pages

Once you are added by your regional consultant as an administrator for your school’s page on the website you will see an “edit” tab on your school’s page when you are logged in. Clicking that edit tab will bring you to a form where you can edit your school’s information.

School Posts

We are encouraging all schools to have their own facebook page on which to create regular posts for news and information. A facebook feed will be provided when you fill in the “Facebook Page” field when creating or editing your school. People visiting your school page will then be able to see recent posts from your facebook page and have the option to like your facebook page.

Creating Events

Bring up your school page. Click New Event on the right column of the page. Ignore fields that mention broadcasting. If your are interested in broadcasting an event please contact David Eggertsen at 801-310-9857. The Registration Ticket Reference is used only for paid events. See Creating Paid Events.

Creating Paid Events

Once on the school page, click New event ticket. Make sure Active is selected under Status to make the tickets available.  Remember to Save at the bottom of the page. Once your ticket is created, you will be able to reference it when creating or editing an event. If you plan to use this system for paid events you will need to contact the national office to arrange getting your revenue from ticket sales.

Feature Requests

If there is anything you feel would be useful to your school for us to add on this web site, please contact David Eggertsen at 801-310-9857 to discuss the option of adding any features to this website.